Administration Service

Financial Information for superannuation funds needs to be constantly updated necessitating the flow of information to our office in a timely manner. Transactions are processed when information is received and bank reconciliations are performed on a regular basis. A copy of all investment transactions can be sent directly to our office from the investment house or alternatively forwarded to our office by the trustee/s, their accountant or advisor. Any queries we have in relation to the fund can be directed either to the adviser or trustee/s, as nominated in an agreement.

If you do not want to be concerned with the day to day mail pertaining to your fund and its investments, we will act as your mail box and provide you with regular income statements as desired by you.

Conrad Carlile and CB Audit perform the audits of our Self Managed Superannuation Funds.

Our Administrative Services include:

Maintenance of compliance standards including:

      Processing of investment information (on a monthly/quarterly/half yearly/annual basis)
      Preparation of Trustee Resolutions
      Preparation of Business/Installment Activity Statements
      Liaison with investment advisers, accountants and financial institutions
      Lump Sum (ETP's) documentation and forms
      Pensioner documentation and forms

Statutory compliance issues must be addressed after the end of each financial year (30th June) and the following returns and reports prepared:

      Financial Statements
      Facilitation of audit report
      SMSF annual return including income tax return, regulatory return information, and contributor reporting
      Members Statements
      Payment summaries
      Graphical analysis of results

Issuing of newsletters containing superannuation updates etc. (at least two pa)