Advisory Services

Investment and Product advice

Operational and Compliance Advice
In our capacity as Accredited SMSF advisers, we can provide advice to :

      trustees to educate them in their role and to guide them through their legal legislative responsibilities
      auditors as required
      To Financial Planners who we can provide with the necessary SISA knowlege to assist them with compliance with the SIS Act and regulations.
      To the many accountants who can no longer provide advice in many areas of SMSF law since the financial services reform act was enacted in March 2004.

Advice for Trustees and Mambers

      All advice for the establishment of an SMSF
      Contribution strategies
        Use of Section 290-150 deduction to minimise sole traders & partners and investors income and capital gains
        Use of Section 240-60 for contributions by employers using salary sacrifice strategies to minimise the employer's and employees income taxes.
      Pension establishment and Pension Annual Review
      Strategies in relation to pensions and lump sum drawdowns under the new Simpler Super regime applying from 1st July 2007
      Strategies for exsisting pensioners as to whether they adopt a new Account based pension.
      Estate Planning - Strategies and advice concerning what happens with a members benefit upon death.
      Disability Planning - for fund members suffering financial difficulty through illness or injury.
      Reserving Strategies - a subject not well known to many SMSF advisers.
      Asset acquisition - in house asset rules, acquisitions from related parties.
      Compliance advice - the laws governing SMSFs (The SIS Act and its Regulations), Income Tax Assessment Acts, ASIC's Companies & Securities rules pertaining to SMSFs and compliance with the fund's trust deed.